“I recently moved to Miramar, Florida, in October of 2015. I began my search for a new career and I was referred to Alpha 1 Staffing. Moving to a completely new state was overwhelming, but with Alpha 1 Staffing’s assistance I had one less thing to worry about. Jennifer immediately contacted me and we scheduled an interview at the Alpha1 office. The new hire process was easy and all my questions were answered in-depth. Jennifer was very attentive, she took the time to really get to understand me and what I was looking for in a new career. Once I completed the required documents an interview was scheduled and I was hired as a temporary employee. Once my requirements to Alpha 1 Staffing was met, I was then hired to be a permanent employee. Alpha 1 was nothing short of amazing!! The communication and customer service is exceptional. I received emails as well as calls form Alpha 1 on a regular basis. I never felt alone as an employee. I’ll be sure to recommend their services to others!!”

Kimberly Jones
(Garth Solutions, Inc)

“My experience with Alpha1 Staffing has been amazing! All of the personnel that works there is very professional and kind, very helpful. I was with the agency for only 6 months and now I’m a County employee!! I would refer my friends over to Alpha always, in fact, I’m doing it!!!”

Annia San Pedro
(Former Alpha1 Staffer)

“My overall experience with Alpha1 was great. It was the best experience that I have ever had with a staffing agency. Based on my resume, I was placed within Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department on a temp to hire status and was hired. Thanks Alpha1!”

Glenda Ates
(Former Alpha1 Staffer)

“I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have provided during my time with the company.  Although it was a short period, your dedication and hard work has been noted and greatly appreciated.”

Je’Quon Thomas
(Job Seeker)

“I just want to take a moment to say Thank you Alpha 1 Staffing/Search Firm.  With a little patience and by following their guidelines, you can acquire gainful employment. I am overwhelmed with the fact that, I BONNA COOPER, have a JOB that I enjoy coming to every day.  Transitioning back into the workforce has renewed my SELF worth. Thank you Alpha 1 Staffing/Search Firm!”

Bonna Cooper
(Job Seeker)

“I was very pleased with the assistance I received from recruiter Gwen Harris. Ms Harris was very helpful, kind, and hard working. She always made sure I was assigned a position that would suit my qualifications and needs. She was very patient with me throughout all of my assignments.”

Ronnie Diaz
(Job Seeker)

“Alpha 1 Staffing is a professional and helpful company that is knowledgeable of employer requirements and aware of employee concerns.The staff is made up of problem solvers who is very polite with all employees. If you want a suitable job for temporary or permanent employment Alpha 1 Staffing is the place to apply. Check out their website, you’re only one step away from the right position.”

Annya McLean
(Job Seeker)

“I got hired for a temporary position to work at Humana in late October 2014. It took literally only 4 days for me to complete the hiring process from drug screening to interviewing with the company. I started the assignment the following Monday. Throughout the time I worked with Alpha 1, I received great communication whether it was for payroll or leave requests the team assisted me accordingly and they were also patient through my personal issues. After completing my assignment I got offered a permanent position and had an easy transition. I highly recommend Alpha 1 staffing for finding work appropriate for your skills. Thank you Alpha 1.”

Isis Navarro
(Job Seeker)

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