How to Effectively “Quiet Hire” and Avoid Employee Burnout

“Quiet hiring” is the recent workplace trend that some may say feels like a direct response to the employee-led “quiet quitting” movement launched during the last half of 2022. Amid a wave of layoffs likely to continue, teams are understaffed and seeking ways to leverage existing workers by tacking additional tasks onto their job descriptions. In short, leaders are attempting to achieve more with less, and employee dissatisfaction and burnout may be on the horizon. Despite layoffs, the job market remains largely candidate-led, and companies that overwhelm their employees risk losing them. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey conducted in December 2022, about 61% of American workers are thinking about quitting. Still, there may be a way to ride the wave of uncertain economic times, promote productivity, and keep employees happy.

Tightened talent acquisition budgets leave little room to hire full-time employees, and temporary employees may be the perfect solution to fill the gap. Gig workers often have specialized skills and seek to work for set periods on specific projects. With smaller budgets for talent, the focus becomes hiring efficiency. According to a recent Gartner report, “to fill critical roles in 2023, organizations will need to become more comfortable assessing candidates solely on their ability to perform in the role, not their credentials and prior experience. It is more urgent than ever to rethink outdated assumptions about qualifications.”

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