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Job hunting is a job and it’s important that you leverage as many resources as possible. Here’s a few tips to help you maximize your efforts.

Tap into Your Network – The people you know are a major resource during the job hunt. Not only do they have information about openings at their companies, they can also help you get your foot in the door with a recommendation. Make sure everyone you know is aware that you’re in the market.

Upgrade Your Resume – First impressions count and your resume speaks for you long before the interview. Grab your resume and use the checklist below as a starting point for review.

  • Your resume is clear and appealing to the eye (hint: don’t use multiple fonts and check for alignment /spacing issues.)
  • It’s free of spelling and grammatical errors. Nothing screams “lazy employee” like a resume submitted by a candidate who couldn’t be bothered to hit the spell check button.
  • It doesn’t simply list job descriptions. Instead, make your accomplishments in each role clear – e.g. increased sales, promoted to general manager.

Learn New Skills – E-learning makes it possible to learn new skills while you’re looking for a job. Resources like Udemy.com, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, and Google offer tons of online courses that are you can be completed online in your spare time. There may be a fee for some courses, but many are free.

We’re here to help. For information on our resume or LinkedIn review services, give us a shout at 954.734.2744. Browse our current job openings here.

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