Who Gets the Interview? The Best Resume Wins

The key to sorting through dozens of potential candidates and deciding who to invite to interview is being able to identify a great resume. Keep an eye out for these elements of a quality submission:

1. Well-designed, easy to read, and free of errors. Impeccable resumes say a great deal about the candidate long before the interview takes place. Spelling errors, inconsistent font use and careless formatting should raise a red flag about the quality of work a candidate may produce on the job.

2. Lists results and accomplishments, not tasks and duties. An effective resume showcases a candidate’s impact in each role. Look for quantifiable achievements that contribute to the company’s goals rather than a description of the candidate’s day-to-day responsibilities.

3. A tailored objective. The candidate who wants to land the role will consider their career goals as well as what they can add when applying. If an objective is included, it should be well-written and relevant to the scope of the position.

4. Work history shows progression and growth. Look for increasing responsibility in a candidate’s professional experience. Self-motivated candidates with leadership potential will be easy to spot because their resumes will show growth and development with each role.

Applicants who are mindful of the appearance and content of their resume deserve to advance to the next round of the hiring process. For help selecting stellar candidates for your opening, contact our expert recruiting team.