4 Reasons Small and Midsize Businesses Should Stop Hiring with Indeed and Ziprecruiter

In the age of swiping left or right and uber everywhere, Indeed.com and Ziprecruiter are popular ways to reach many potential candidates with a few clicks. Employers can cast a huge virtual net and attract dozens of jobseekers to their openings for a small fee. But are there hidden costs and risks you should consider? Here are a few reasons why job sites should not be the only tool in your hiring arsenal.

1. You haven’t established a relationship with the candidates you’re reviewing. Simply scanning a resume doesn’t provide enough detail to warrant taking precious time out of your day to interview a complete stranger. The candidate could turn out to be a dud or, worse, not show up at all..

2. Time investment. Reviewing and vetting candidates requires a ton of time. If you’re busy running a company or a department, the last thing you have is extra time to review candidates who may or may not be qualified or possess the skills you need.

3. No guarantee of quality or relevance. You’re spending money to post ads and paying per click in some cases to receive applications from a mix of jobseekers. A few will be winners, but most are carelessly constructed and irrelevant to your position. Trust us, we’ve reviewed enough resumes on these sites to know.

4. Your rockstar employee is probably already rockin’ it out for your competitor, especially in this candidate – driven market. Sure, passive candidates sign up for job alerts and keep an eye out for better opportunities but, more than likely, they’ll stay where they are.

So, what’s an employer with an urgent need to find the best employee available to do? The good news is you don’t have to completely abandon posting on job sites (we use ‘em too). But if you really want to be effective, consider handing the task over to a staffing partner. We’ll weed out the unqualified applicants with a proven process to ensure the best resumes reach your desk. Also, if we happen to find your next great employee working at another company, we’ll make one heck of a case for why they should join yours. All for about the price you’ll pay in time and resources (and possibly tears) looking for your unicorn.

We’d love to introduce you to your next team member – contact us today or tell us about an opening you have here.