6 Tips to Transform Your Company into a Top Talent Magnet

1. Clean House

Assess your policies, practices, team, structure, business goals, culture and environment and make the necessary improvements. What is your company DNA? Developing a strong culture and brand will attract candidates who resonate with your mission. Monitor social sites for reviews of your company from past employees and clients.

2. Reward Performance

From a Starbucks gift card to additional PTO, rewards are a great way to encourage friendly competition in the office and improve employee morale. Recent studies show that when employees feel undervalued and underappreciated, they look for other employment. Keep your team engaged with personalized, deliberate recognition.

3. Leave the Door Open

Create an environment in which your staff feels comfortable communicating concerns. Be transparent and encourage communication and problem-solving strategies.

4. Have Clear Goals and Expectations

Driven employees want to know how they can add value from day one. Be sure to have specific goals for your company. Be able to paint a clear picture of what success looks like during the interview process and provide regular opportunities for evaluation after a candidate is hired.

5. Focus on Professional Development

Provide tuition reimbursement or information on free courses for continuing education – Udemy.com is a great resource. Tap into passion and allow your staff to focus their time and energy on stimulating projects. Discuss the career development plans you have for your employees and what opportunities are available for them to grow in the company.

6. Encourage Innovation

You will not survive without innovation. Bright, motivated employees will have tons of ideas on how to improve your operations – be open to change and encourage creativity.

We work with tons of talented professionals and we know what they seek in an employer. We’d love to assist you in finding and hiring top talent. Please contact us with any questions on how you can prepare your company to hire its next superstar.