Three Tips for Better Tradeshow Staff Hiring

Want better results from your next tradeshow? The secret is in your staff. Having the right team on the front line is critical to successful tradeshow participation. Here are 3 tips to help select and prepare your staff for your next event.

Know Your Audience

Familiarize yourself with the industry, attendees and their products and services when planning for your next tradeshow. This information will shape your staffing need criteria based on expertise, possible language accommodation needs, and other factors. Whether you’re in the wine and spirits business or the tech space, it is key to tailor your staff to that of your target audience for maximum results.

Personality is Key

Staff your booth with lively, friendly, energetic people who can clearly communicate the benefits of your product or service and are comfortable answering questions. Attendees will be drawn to knowledgeable, engaging staff who are smiling and welcoming. Also, educate your staff on what is expected of their appearance and dress as well as any unacceptable behavior i.e. eating, sitting, texting, leaving the booth unattended, etc.

Prepare Your Staff  

Schedule time before the event to provide thorough training on all aspects of your organization including company mission, goals, target audience, products/services and sales message. Additionally, training should include a well-rehearsed script to greet booth visitors and begin a conversation. Staffers introduce themselves with a one-minute overview of your company and its benefits. Then they ask targeted questions to gauge whether the visitors are strong prospects. If so, the script should continue with a 30-second overview of products and services. The conversation should end with getting visitor contact information for effective follow-up after the event.